Nature always has its own tasks to fulfill but every mother has her own facts to fulfill. Always and never are the only words that will not bother her to say or ask for. She is someone we take for granted but her grant is never approved by herself. I believe like my mom, your mom is very subjective in some perspectives “such as” which only includes “money”. Money and she goes side by side she is very virtuous in what she does but offends and complains about what others do of that money. Nevertheless we all still love her, how much she scolds us or punish us, her feather of arm is always tucked in our shoulder.

We all know how brave is she, but do we know how much brave she wants to be.

Its not always about, us w.r.t her, it can never be vise versa. Will it? How much do we want to believe that? We tend to know she is perfect and attains relentless, but what if she wants to be sick to get out of her daily routine? Are we ever concerned about those things?

She can be abruptly mischievous at the same time classic subtle, never mind, she can pull off both. But without assuming, should we ask her what she wants to be in her self?

There are few things which came to my mind

How we look at her.

  • A perfect human being
  • Without any flaws or negativity
  • Always generous
  • Never speaks lie
  • A one man woman
  • Always lives up to her dignity
  • A sick-less robot
  • Compromiser of others good/bad deeds
  • Satisfied Pativrata
  • Our food bearer
  • The cheque of happiness
  • Ambitions limited to only family
  • Dictator of self
  • To ask forgiveness
  • Manager of others good karma
  • Blamer of all mishaps
  • Countless borders of being a non-negotiator
  • Subtle and calm.
  • Carrier of responsibilities

How she wants to look at herself

  • Believer of mistakes
  • A mischievous cartoon
  • An imperfect super woman
  • Beautifully alone
  • Happiness in finding herself
  • Ambitions on her feet
  • A forgiver
  • Sky full of dates and romance
  • Actively available for herself
  • Non-compromiser
  • World addresser
  • To be a chef, not just a cook
  • Drama queen
  • Responsibility distributor
  • Reliever of emotions
  • Contingent parent
  • Grace in hormones
  • Can shower pain to her loved ones
  • Captain of the family

Somethings are need to say and should be understood not in the same way as explained. This is what a mother wants from her family. Listening is a skill she’s not only the holder, it states the family to acknowledge her well being. Its just what matters.

She can fall in love once again, can rebuild a family once again, can have kids once again. Don’t judge my words, those things can imbibe the though process you are staying in.

Hope you make today’s day special for your mother by cherishing her mistakes and allowing her emotions to access within yourself.

A clarity of though: When you start judging your mother by her past life, remember you imbibe the same blood, you too can make those mistakes and then regret.

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