Over the cloud above the mountain

Sweeping into the ocean, what comes into us is the desire of limitless. Happiness starves the mandate of hope, everything in life seems desirable, even your scars that always punctuates the holes of dispute between your soul and body. Regardless, maybe something good manifest to the clouds who are reverting the nature and the humans the life of hope, undivided with symmetric applause.

Every ocean has its breathe which succumbs the negatives of life when we flow into and unto the parameter of deep sign we endanger the factor of sharks who manipulate the blood strongly with the enlightening doors. Beyond all this, comes the factor of friends, who capture your heart like the ocean and then flowing deep makes you realize that over the time everything was good because no sharks were involved.

Friendship disputes to be honest, strong, valued and progressed. This might sound very cliché but friendship needs to be valued until its broken. Broken are those glasses where nothing can glue them, overall the realization of being a good human being ends there because there is nothing more heart breaking than that of a break up too.

( I have few countable friends who are not my life but greater than my values, I owe them immense for not letting me down, always gearing me to do my best and accepting me the way I am.)

But there are few who wants the value to be under graduated without any certificates. There is a believe when you start changing your surrounding there is the great chance to first change yourself. Might be, those friendship didn’t worked out because of other reasons but life and deeds gives us opportunity to break the ocean into pieces and give us the opportunity of hold into the paradox in the box of Dora.

The mountains can go steep inside the valley of horizons where nothing can be seen, every time a rescue utters, there is always the scope of those steeps not hearing. It manages to hike back into difficult situations and then find its place after breaking all the nature’s law and fly high again to go to the another steep. There comes the hope for the base of the mountain to reach the level of superiority where even the needle can’t stop him to surpass his dignity.

In the same way, the emotions are the mountains in the friendship that cumulates the aroma of flying high to the point where the steep can’t be seen again until the next loop. High emotional friends disturbs the atmosphere of the friendship and try to hold it until they find new friends. Neither the needle is hurt nor the dignity of the mountain when though to climb it.

Again and again the life reunites and talks about friendship, friendship is not only the means of holding the emotional stamina it rather needs to be pushed to climb high into the cloud with the ocean within or needs to specify (Naturally) its dignity of holding unto like a mountain.

Garnish the moments by talking what each of us desire, at the end nobody is going to deny the fact that “Friendship survives in the best part of our lives” .

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