Change is blessed

Sometimes we forget that our lives are connected in some ways. Every time each one of us spend time, gives us the chance to explore ourselves. We try to forget who we are, and focus on the other person, who that is. We try make sense of some things which doesn’t require anything, but being.

Life gives us chances, chances to believe in someone who we know may not be the “type” but truly deserves to be one. Regardless, where we stand today, right now, we are influenced by so many people around us.

We evolve ourselves from being just us to being all of us, the tribe that keeps to keen tight to know what we are up to.

We believe what they believe, and then we answer what they question. Foundation of each relationship begins with trust, that trust manifest the charm between the relationship, forming the sense of acceptability towards each other. Even though there is no connection, there has to be something that is viable in the destiny.

Every time preference is given to the outer direction, the direction which has no path, the endless hustle, biting the thunder and crawling of winter.

Trust is belief of love, where nothing captures the sentiments but it does realize the moments, the moments that we had stayed today, falling apart made us realize the beauty of that person, the voice, the aura, the sense of knowingness, and then you fall in love.

You started loving the person who makes you realize its presence, you fall again, in love, to make sure the person is motioned in same direction.

When both fall in love, the glory of third person doesn’t matter, only the light remains.

The songs of letting to live forever stays, the life begins and nothing change, the face in those eyes brightens up, the life is blessed and after all you change.

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