Simple “but” normal

When life gives us candies, never run for chocolates. This has been taught by our elders, when we desire greater than our wants. When paths are clear, we purposely cannot put pebbles to join a hurdle. These phrases might sustain you for doing things you wished to desire for.

This is where the bottom-line ends. When we uphold things to clear some routes, but the routes themselves try to shelve their characteristics on us.

Believing something to be natural is not always organic, one has to always read ingredients and then only trust the product if it has organic elements shuttered in.

Clearly some people might not understand these things, because they are simple and normal. And that the point, when people are simple “but” normal, things try to change, actually they change their circumstance to change their living, and therefore, eventually they get tied, in some or the other obligations or compulsions.

If a person wants chocolate, he will buy it, if, he is normal and simple. But if he doesn’t want to buy, even if he has money, and, thieves it by stealing it from the person who has already brought one, and runs, then he’s simple “but” normal.

This can evolve as social mistake, but it isn’t, because if the viewer is normal and simple, they won’t understand why he did so.

But if those are simple “but” normal, then they will understand the fact that, mysteries beneath their though.

When simple people live normally, their routine is their mental strength, they do everything at that particular pattern and that is their lifestyle.

But here comes the twist, if, they are not accepting their patterns and want to get out of it, there is the stimulus that manages them to do something better but different and at that point, they don’t think of good or bad, right or wrong. They just think to do, something, that they have never done before, and that, that is the person I am talking about.

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