Purpose is Holy

Differences doesn’t matter when you fall for someone, what matters is only togetherness. Never the thought of being alone occurs when you have found someone who is desperate to be with you. The magic is very rare and it comes once in 100 decades.

We call it a disease when we don’t have it, but one who know about it, they call it medicine, medicine to heal those wounds and break all barriers.

Everything begins and ends at some point or direction, someone change themselves, someone learn, everyone knows it, but few are not ready to fall for it.

It is a form of practicing, until you know it, your heart breaks, soul hurts, breathing runs but you still remain the same.

What is it? What is that thing, that makes us happy to be dreaming of, just the feeling makes us so energetic to do anything for anyone and everyone.  

It is been misunderstood and misrepresented for so many years, but the fact is it holy and legit, life without that feeling is unrealistic.

The main stance here is, when we fall in love, we do not look at, sex, gender, religion, caste, creed, disability, weakness, strength, personality, livelihood, standard of living, age, and that’s why it has been called a disease, but with power of life in it.

Some people are afraid to fall in love (like me) because they think it will hurt, hurt so badly that there would be no recovery, but they are not looking at the healing part, the wound heals and change into scar, and thus, this would to transform into a scar, scar with hope.

Leaving is not just breakup, the death of loved one can give rebirth the power of understanding of who they were and what they did for us. When you die in love, the aura within you keeps shining, the charm in your eyes never dies, what just remains at the end, is the last kiss that unwinds the purpose of life.

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